Him 2 ❤

This is the second part..
I chucky laughed, he loved seeing me happy
He kept held my hand like theres no a thing could break us apart
I made a tiramisu, hoped he like it!
He seemed like it
Just a quarter, for me HAHAHAHAHA
He is a huge eater so thats why i called him 'gemok' , 'buncet'
And me, a little eater..
so its completing both of us
I saw a shiny light in his eyes when he stared
His complexion of skin turned into reddish as the dusk was showing up
Awww sorry bby..
I'm not pretty as you wished for,
I'm just tanned skin
Broken smiles
yet i still love you
Idk how to forget all things about us when you are the only one who know myself..
though, you changed me

I tried so hard to be as you wished for..
My dressing, the way I talk
I started being clingy,
Just for you
I never be like those before,
You changed me
Yeah, you changed me
Into the new life of trying be happy with you
Into a life full of tricky happiness

Things started to shatter me
As usual,
Your tricky fingers
Your sweetiest of each riddle that you pronounced
Your accent tongue made me influenced too
My speak hardly broke myself
At the end,
I became so wild but still seemed so innocent
I still fall for you till today, at this moment
I've learned alot since with you

Cry and cry
Tears over tears
Somehow i try to smile everyday
Just wanna feel happy for having myself
A ties that untied slowly between us
You're so busy, I need your attention more. Hm
I guessed that was my mistake
I'm so sorry for breaking you heart,
Would you give me another chance? I hope you will. :')
To be your forever love
I'm not smart enough to your read war strategies
We broke up and left the memories into pieces of dandelion as you blew it slowly

Because of family, we knew each other
Because of family, we are strangers

And I saw your figure walked down towards the boat alone,
Trying to catch you,
Millions steps forward that I took,
Trillions you gone far away,
I closed my eyes
Let the wind played its rhythm
through cochlea, it still gracefully
I wished my soul closed to you
To me, you are my everything

Opened up slowly my eyelids
beside me was my fav korean guy! 😍
It was youuuu
My bby boo❤
I guessed it was only a dream
A nightmare in daylight
Did not realized how much tones of my tears that I had burst out

        "I'm afraid of losing you again..I don't want to lose you..Bby, pls don't go away..I need you"

were the only words that i spoke then, cried
I could win drama awards of saying that
He hugged me tightly , pickled up my nose
And said "Don't worry, i have nowhere to go.. I could be paralyzed by hugging you like this"
I gave a sight
He always being annoyed but still adorable
I curled up my hands through his neck
Lead my head on his chest,
His warmness made me feel safe and sound
Just a short sight towards him
yet he still stared me for 10 mins
I saw a shiny love for me in his gorgeous eyes
I trust him for the whole of my heart❤

To be continued..

With love❤