Him 3❤

He grabbed my hand and lead me first..
He cuddled me and lifted my feet off the ground..
Spinning me around, I giggling laughed..
I looked into his eyes
I saw my future with him..
Awww bby, I wanna live with youu
Down the boat, my heartbeats became faster than ever.. Just like it wanted to tell that something bad could happened
I told you that I had bad guts of this ride..

"Sweetheart, pls dont think that matter so.. I'm here for you..Hold my hands, I will be always your keeper"

Yet, I still shaking in freeze..
The boat started its engine,
The solenoid transferred it electrons via magnetic power
Magnetic power became so stronger
Keep continuosly connecting and cut down the flux
The boat started rowing through the waves
At quarter of rowing,the reddish dawn sky turned black like a perfect storm
The beauty of nature became the scariest monster i've ever seen
The thunder showed its lightning
I was so afraid with light
i hate lights, in love with darkness

"Don't afraid,darling.. there's nothing to fear as long as i'm by your sides"
in sudden, i sat on him 😂
"haih this gal..Nasib baik sayang" he gave a sighed
hahaha sorry,babe.. I'm just too afraid of lights
Droplets of rain was filling up the boat
People started to put on worries
And so do us
Akif held my hands tightly and hug me like there's no other thing could break us apart

"Bby, whatsoever happened, pls remember that I will always love you.. There's no guy that I love like I love you.. You are always my bby boo💞"
My heartbeats as fast as my erithrocytes colaborated with the haemoglobins, my cardiovascular tissues pumped my heart so hard..

I opened up my eyes,
in my hazel eyes I saw.. a big wave came over our boat and crashed all the passengers
I remembered how tight you held my hands but now,
I lost the palm which used to slap me with teases
The grab of his hands was slowly weaker
I was barely can breath and swam
Water filled up my lungs,
the oxygen in my soul was decreasing,
Bby, whhere r youuuuu????💧😢

To be continued..