RedRidingHood's snoooping

hi assalamualaikum ! well eventually this is my preng's blog 😆 HAHA i dong kei . rait lemme tell you guys about AthirahRoshaizi or nutyra or nutella . this girl is my truly beloved pwengs . she just like the oldies on 20 century . HAHA AGAIN . aku pun pelik gak dengan tino ni . she just cannot move on easily . well maybe sbb akif tu help her move on from ady the jerk . hm . tyra .. i wanna tell you something . losing someone you love doesnt means that you have to sacrifice your whole life . babe .. just be cool and take care of yourself . no need to care about the whole thing . just think about your future okay . bittaufiq wannajah ya ukhti ! saranghae 😁