Tht evening I should took a boat for way back home,
The queue usually full and a grumble of people hanging up there, but not tht day
The bides of fan, I could hear the swing of them
Sky looked so gorgeous as it was sunset,
Still orangish and reddish in colour, I love it!
Just for eye candy currently
I saw you and your wide forehead where I used to kiss
I miss to do tht so and I hope I could do tht right now in the middle of crowded place with nobody around
Your presence frankly made my day
The soul of childish in me, cheering up
You gave a passionate smile again and again
"How I can forget this beauty smile? He just too perfect for me.."
I'm in love.. obviously, I love him more than I love myself..
He held my hand and
"Let's get a boat,sweetheart "
I remember he still held tight all my fingers through his left palm
He never let me go
Hands getting sweat but he still held mine tight
He's not so tall, barely same with me,
So easy to capture all figures on his face
I love those pink plum light lips,
Remind of Kpop artists and I don't think I need them when I already have my korean fav guy
Infront of me,
"Can I just stare him all my lifetime? "
and I told him " I hate you. "
Unexpectedly, he pinched my rounded cheeks
"I love you too, sweetheart..Ever" ❤
To be continued...