Literally, ppl would say that "Home Sweet Home", but for me......
My absence wouldn't distract anyone and nobody cares.
My presence like nothing..
Nobody would care about me.. 
Isn't it not fair for your youngest sibs to get mad? Why I can't be angry?
I have monster inside of me too. I have too. I don't even ask for many things, and why I can't get what I want to?
Question marked is everywhere. Like, I don't even cannot make my own choices.
Hey, I have passion too. I have souls and feelings too.
Dear everyone, I hope u guys know that I have feelings too..

Thank you for not listening to me,
Thank you for not care abt me,
Thank you for not give me freedom,
Thank you for caged me in hell,
Thank you for bad things you guys did to me (I might forgave you but I won't forget forever)
Thank you for make me hate myself,
Thank you for every good things u have done for me.


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