My mistakes

Dear qtpie..
Today and afterwards I want you to know somethingsssssssss.. Something that everytime I see you it feels like my world couldnt be better. I see sparks of love in your eyes, I know you are in love with me. I see a guy who really fall in me. Never and wont ever any guy will do that to me. Who always care for me but never show the careness.. Something that I feel proud to have you in my life even i know you hurt me but.. something's torturing you more than me. Something that called me πŸ˜” I dont even noticed that, I know my mistakes.. To try getting far from you and try to fall in back someone who dont even care about me.. I'm blind.. Old love that made me blind to compare between the diamond and the rock.. I'm so sorry, I didnt mean to hurt you all these times.. I know a trust like a glass when it already broke, those pieces that i tried to glue it hm wont be pure as the first ones.. I know that "Peluang kedua takkan seindah peluang yang pertama".. I thought that all these times that you are the one who keep hurting you but me. I'm such a dumbass and never noticed that. I heard what people said and start distrust you.. poor you, bby TT Something that really precious that you always bring me up into your future life when you talk to your family Awwww you always make me blushing, qtpie 😍 you said you always wait for me to change myself to the old me. but i didnt know that πŸ˜” Akif.. Maybe this is hard for you and me.. Your feelings hm faded πŸ˜” Its tearing me apart, bby..... I'm really sorry for breaking your heart. I wish i could turn back time and make all right, make you proud to have me, make you happy of having me, make you laugh when i call you and make you smile everytime you see me.. bby, its hard for me to let you go πŸ˜” but can you give me one more chance? I'm willingful to change myself and change everything be better.. For you, I deserve this.. For my bbyboo, I suppose to be better for us.. I'm sorry being bad girl.. Maybe the worst girl you've ever met πŸ˜” Akif, no matter what happened, I want you to know that you are my everything since I met you, since 17/10/2015. You are my best person I've ever known. You are always there on my best and my worst.. Especially on my worst.. You always give me great advices, bby.. You always there for me.. Pls dont leave me.. And I'm so sorry :'(  I want you forever. I love you since foreverπŸ’•

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