You ❤

Idk how to say this.. Everytime I think of him, everytime I doubt him on ws and dm , everytime I miss each piece of memories with him.., tears always took over my dam of eyelids.. Really miss him but seem like everyone don't even care. Susah ke nak bagi peluang untuk berjumpa? It's been 2 years and did long distance relationship experience smth like this?? Can't deny that but atleast just give us to meet.. I MISS HIM SO NOKHAROM !😭 tbh, if we are having a relationship and we're never meet, I don't really care about the other previous' relationships BUT our relationship ni dah jumpa for few times, already laughing, teasing and created memories in real.. Haih, I just wanna see him live infront of me.. I want to see him eating mcm piranha 😂, sneezing continuosly , laughing over my teases, cheeks' muscles that formed his sweetest smiles, buat bende tak senonoh (farting 😂😂), the way he plays with my nieces and nephews, hearing to his advices, his teases, the way he looks at me, the way he gets jealous with guys that unstoppable looking at me and EVERYTHING about Akif    :') 💞

Sorry for too into Akif and post them on my blog. I don't have much friend to talk to about my feelings 😊 Cukuplah tu kan? Get to keep in touch with me,okay? either twitter or instagram.. 
Nite2 and Assalamualaikum, dear peeps!

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