Purpurpur I'm in love


It's about 8 months of knowing Akif ,fall for him, loving him, think of him and obviously missing him.. So this is the longest relay i ever had, 8 months through thin and thick, through missing each other, through tears and laugh together... Indeed, I'm truly missing him  T_T 
 Bila nak makan, asyik terbayang dia kat meja makan sekali, as dia pernah datang rumah..
bila balik kampung, haih i can feel his presence sitting near the TV, making fun with my nephews and nieces.. really miss and idk how i could miss someone this bad..

Loving him is like the whole world stop its own rotation and stares at him
Seeing him laughs could make the heartbeat beats unconditionally
His smiles turns wilt roses into the prettiest blooming roses
His presence makes my erithrocytes extend lifetime to 4 years to make sure that I'm still alive
Feelings towards him just like an inertia there's no momentum to get me back to my own place 
His ignoring makes me know that I got him wrong and he wants me to try live without him

But I just cannot... I really need himmmmm  T_T

All I know, he never know to give up on me as everyone knows, that I'm just a troublemaker  :)

Thanks for greatest and sweetest moments,Akif..
Sincerely, I really miss you forever, dear qtpie

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